Releasing equity from a property can bring financial freedom and security, leaving you free to make the most out of your retirement years. To thrive rather than simply survive.

The demands of modern life mean that many people don’t have access to a large savings fund when they retire, while their pensions don’t always provide enough money to live the lifestyle they would like. Not being able to set money aside for future life changes and the sense of financial insecurity that brings can be very worrying.

A life unlocked

For many people, their home holds the key to a better life, allowing them to unlock a large sum of tax-free income. From helping their children onto the property ladder to making the trip of a lifetime, people use equity release for lots of reasons: 

Help with living expenses

The rising cost of living has limited the amount of money that most people can set aside for retirement. On top of years spent helping their children pay for expenses such as university fees, travel experiences, weddings, and mortgage deposits, many from this generation have fewer savings than they would like. 

People use equity release to boost their retirement income, using it to pay their bills and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. 

As well as providing a means to do all the things they want with their newly found freedom in retirement, equity release means that there is money available for unexpected costs in the future too. 


Whether they dream of seeing the northern lights up close or diving the Great Barrier Reef, retirement can be the first time that many people have the freedom to go on an adventure. Many people use part of their equity release payment to fund travel experiences that they didn’t have the time or money for before. 

Paying off a mortgage

Finding the money for mortgage repayments in later life can be stressful.  Many people use their equity release payment to pay off their mortgage, giving them more financial freedom.

Making home improvements

Many people use equity release to fund improvements to their home. Whether that means adapting it to make an existing health condition easier to deal with or simply modernising, equity release helps people to live comfortably in their own home for many years.

Clearing debt

Debt can be a worrying feature of modern life. Equity release provides a way to clear debts from credit cards or other loans, removing financial insecurity and empowering older homeowners to enjoy life to the full.

Helping family and friends

Helping family and friends is important to many people and it’s common for people to use equity payments to help their children or grandchildren. Whether it helps with university fees, a wedding, or a house deposit, it’s possible to make a huge impact on the lives of their loved ones.

Safe, secure and straightforward

The most popular way to release equity from a property is through a lifetime mortgage plan. These offer flexible options designed to suit individual circumstances. Homeowners keep ownership of their property, and there are no required monthly repayments.

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How Much Can I Borrow? 



Our honest and dedicated advisors want to help you to fully understand how equity release works. Please read the below, and contact us to find out more.

Equity release may involve a Home Reversion plan or a Lifetime Mortgage which is secured against your property. Equity Release requires paying off any existing mortgage or secured loan. Any money released, plus any accrued interest is repayable upon death, or moving into long-term care. Please be aware that equity release will affect the inheritance you leave and may have an impact on your entitlement to means-tested benefits both now and in the future. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration. Only if you choose to proceed and our case completes would a typical fee of 1.5% of the initial amount released be payable.

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