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Eric's Simple Steps to Equity Release

Step 1
Want to know more about Equity Release? Freephone 0800 077 6885 to speak to an Equity Release adviser or to arrange a free home visit.

Step 2
After determining your personal circumstances, aims and objectives, our Equity Release advisers will research the market and negotiate the best available plan for YOU.

Step 3
You’ll receive full details of the Equity Release scheme your advisor recommends, including their reasons for choosing it. They’ll then arrange the best time for you to go over the documents together and answer any questions.

Step 4
We leave you to make your decision and discuss your options with your family. There is no obligation to proceed with Equity Release at this point and you have incurred no costs.

Step 5
If you wish to go ahead with the recommended Equity Release scheme, you’ll simply return the application form and our staff will process it.

Step 6
An independent survey will be arranged on your property to find out the exact valuation. This will be used by the lender to make your equity release offer.

Step 7
Choose a solicitor to act on your behalf, you may wish to use your own or one of our recommended Equity Release specialists, who can progress the work quickly and who are often cheaper.

Step 8
Approximately 6-8 weeks after submitting your Equity Release application you will receive the cash. This can be paid directly into your account by the solicitor or paid by cheque if you prefer. The solicitor will take out any set-up fees owing from the amount released.

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