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So, if you’re a homeowner aged 55 to 95, and want to find
out more about equity release, it’s easy - just ask ERIC.

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Equity Release Calculator:

Try our simple equity release calculator to discover how much cash you could raise:

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If you're considering an equity release scheme, why not try our equity release calculator? It is quick, easy and free to use and will give you an initial idea of how much cash you could release from your property.

The figure generated should only be considered as a guide and it is worthwhile seeking additional advice from our expert equity release specialists.

There are a number of other factors that can affect whether or not you can take out an equity release scheme. You can find out more about equity release.

But, for a quick, free and easy initial guide, try our equity release calculator.

The amount you can raise with equity release depends on your age(s) and the value of your property.

Amounts differ greatly from provider to provider so it's essential to take independent specialist advice to get a clear picture of the amounts that are available to you and the terms.

Equity Release Calculator